Empowering executives, emerging leaders, teams and individuals for over 20 years!

Businesses, non-profits and individuals across the United States choose to work with me because I bring the strengths and experience they seek to discover within themselves.

My role is to help you identify the unproductive patterns of behavior, belief systems and responses that may no longer be serving you. And to introduce you to new skills and strategies that will empower you to move past perceived barriers and achieve the outcomes you desire.

Why Hire US?

After years of managing teams the wrong way, Beth Wonson started seeing how she could do things differently and not only get a better result, but lead a healthier, more balanced life herself. The more she learned about strength-based strategies, brain-based research and experiential education, the more committed she became to helping others learn to learn from her journey and begin to work and live with ease and balance while still achieving (or exceeding) their business goals.
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We care about your results as much as you do. Under Beth’s guidance you will overcome perceived obstacles and maximize results. You will be able to develop leaders who lead, empower, inspire, motivate and hold accountable. All while  remediating challenging employees and turning top performers into A+ performers. 

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The majority of our engagements come from referrals! Check out what our clients are saying! 

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Beth brings humor, personality and a fresh approach to your next event or program!

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Let Go of The ROCK

Now available! A new look at the dynamics of self-awareness & leadership.

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Everday Guide to Joy & Abundance

Order Now! A new approach to living with ease.

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Level Up!

One-on-one coaching & solutions to help you level up!

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Heart Expansion Exercise

Enjoy 10 easy minutes of accessing joy, abundance and peace!

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About Beth

LCK_0694_pp-239x300Beth is a coach and consultant working with individuals and organizations seeking to move past perceived boundaries and achieve unimaginable positive outcomes. Her clients are located across the United States as well as on the Central Coast of CA where she lives. Her work is done on-line, on the phone, in person, in the board room and on ranches!

Engage with Beth to begin moving towards what you most desire!

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Not only was her approach with all of us diverse and useful, it was FUN! Beth kept us riveted, active, engaged and her methods were delightfully non-predictable. So many of us go through training after training that her style was a breath of fresh (and highly useful!) air.
Shannon Seifert - CEO of the Santa Maria Valley YMCA