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  • Does feedback turn into unnecessary drama at your workplace?
  • Are people on your team taking business decisions personally?
  • Do annual performance evaluations feel like drudgery?

In my Navigating Challenging Dialogue Skills Training workshop, your team will explore strategies that empower them to participate in emotionally challenging dialogue while staying grounded and equipped to facilitate a positive outcome for everyone involved.

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 Beth Wonson, Speaker

Beth Wonson

Through her coaching and consulting, Beth Wonson works with companies to get the lift to succeed in their goals. At the root of her process are the following questions:

  • How can we remain connected as caring, compassionate, empathetic humans in a business world where time, tasks, and technology drive us toward disconnection?
  • How can we, as diverse individuals, work and communicate in ways that foster the greatest common good?
  • How can we each recognize and stand firmly in our deepest passion and purpose while holding space for others to do the same?
  • What is the essence of human resiliency and how can we manage in ways that build upon resiliency?

The most powerful and magical moments happen in the group format. Beth invites you to show up with a commitment to participate with vulnerability, curiosity and passion.  Give yourself a break from pretense, expectation, and judgment. Speak your truth. Explore the farthest corners of your stretch zone, and hold a safe space for others to do the same!



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Beth is a champion of healthy communication, working as a speaker, teacher, leadership coach, and management consultant. Beth engages with organizations of all sizes to facilitate effective leadership and orchestrate organizational excellence.


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