Sacramento Society of Human Resource Managers Meeting

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Date(s) - 04/05/2017
11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Navigating Challenging Dialogue

Challenging dialogue is inevitable and necessary in every workplace. Unfortunately, it is also uncomfortable and emotionally challenging for many people. In this workshop you will learn to prepare, frame and facilitate conversations that have the potential to cause drama, disappointment, anger or shame. Following this 6-step process, you will be more likely to experience positive outcomes, save time and reduce wear and tear on yourself and others.

In this interactive and engaging workshop, you will be introduced to:
• The impact of your own emotional triggers.
• Strategies to set the stage for clean, emotional free dialogue.
• Tips to minimize drama and unproductive conflict.
• Tools to effectively give feedback and set boundaries.
• An easy six-step process for effective, clean dialogue in even the toughest situations.

Each participant will have the opportunity to apply learning to a specific situation from their own work or family life.

HRCI Credit:1 General HR Credit SHRM Credit:1 PDC

Members: $35 | Non-Members: $45 | Student Member: $30
Prices increase after March 24th.


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