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How would you like to be a leader who inspires, motivates and empowers?

In today’s fast paced business world so many people achieve the role of leader not based on leadership skill but instead because they are technically superior at the work of the organization. They get promoted from being a member of the team to the leader without any attention or intention on leadership development. More often than not this results in not only a rocky transition, but also in a loss of the passion and purpose that brought them to this level of success.

Check out these statements. Any sound familiar?

  • My job was more fun when I was part of the team.
  • I’m tired making decisions that people don’t realize they need to protect them from things they don’t know are happening!
  • I dream about quitting and starting a cupcake bakery (organic farm, writing a novel, etc.)
  • If I want something done right, I’ve got to do it myself.
  • I live in fear of the next stress claim or Workman’s Comp claim.
  • Why do I have to spend so much time on drama? Can’t people grow up?
  • Who’s got my back?

To set If yes, let’s get your anchor set to whom you are today!

I refer my clients to Beth often and without hesitation because she is “The Employee Whisperer”. I swear she performs miracles with dysfunctional teams and individuals who are not communicating well or emotionally stuck or just grumpy . . . Something getting in the way of your employees’ productivity? CALL BETH! Betsey Nash, Owner, Nash HR Consulting

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Beth Wonson meets you where you at by holding a confidential and safe space for you to get non-judgmental feedback, explore blind spots, learn and try on new skills and access best practices to move into your authentic, inspirational leadership style.


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