My primary work is with teams and companies, however because I love helping individuals overcome perceived hurdles, I do save time for a few individual coaching clients. If you would like to learn more and see if we are a good fit, send me an email at beth@bethwonson.com. We will do a brief assessment/get to know you call and then either proceed or I can recommend you to a coach that will meet your needs.

Let’s start with a phone or in person appointment to discuss what is going on and for me to share my methodology and process. If we decide that Beth Wonson Consulting is a good match for your needs, we can identify the next steps.

To get started, email me beth@bethwonson.com or call 978-614-5405

No. Beth Wonson Consulting serves clients across the United States and abroad.

Great question. We aren’t. And don’t pretend to be. We are experts in leadership, communication, organizational culture and climate, spotlighting gaps and building on strengths. We are experts at helping you (your company, your team, your board or your group) go to the next level. You are the expert in your business or your own journey. We amplifying your strengths with our expertise in how the brain works, experiential learning, coaching and thought work, heart based research and more! Ready to go? Give us a call. 978-614-5405

Our calendar fills up quickly so the first step is to give us a call or send an email and see if we are available. To get started, email me beth@bethwonson.com or call 978-614-5405

Speaking topics include:

Let Go of the Rock – a new look at the dynamics of self-management! 

Navigating Challenging Dialogue™

The Self Aware Leader

Finding Your Authentic Path

All topics can be tailored to your specific audience or demographic.

Absolutely not! Regardless if you’ve been around horses for 25 years or if you’ve never gotten near one, this experience is impactful! This is not a horse training or riding session, but instead is an opportunity for people with any level of horse experience to engage in a completely different way with self-discovery. Through the reflective energy, mirroring and feedback that comes from the horse you will gain insight into blind spots and perceived barriers that are unnecessarily holding you back. You will learn about your undiscovered strengths and gifts. People who choose to include the horse coaching option in their work with Beth Wonson Consulting report that they moved forward in their professional and personal growth faster and with more clarity then they imagined was possible.

No. The horse coaching program is an option that enhances outcomes but is not required.

Please contact my assistant, Tara any questions regarding billing.

Please contact Annie (annie@bethwonson.com) for any questions regarding billing.

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