“Listening gave me goosebumps!”

So many of you have told me that you’d love to listen to my weekly emails (versus reading them), and I heard you.

Announcing the Dynamics of Self weekly podcast featuring stories, insights, and a bit of humor, and read by yours truly – me!

I’ve been having so much fun recording away. I shared the demos with some folks, and here’s their feedback:

“So great and literally helped me. I appreciate that you encourage folks to look at themselves and not those around them. I can’t wait to share this when it goes live.”

“I am SO GLAD you’re doing this! These are fantastic!”

“This is what you are meant to be doing. Listening gave me goosebumps!”

The official launch date is September 1, and like all things social media, I need your help to become “News and Noteworthy” on iTunes.

So how can you help? Three quick steps – easy peasy:

Step 1:   Go to iTunes, or your own podcast app and subscribe to my Dynamics of Self podcast.

Step 2:   Listen to the short pre-release episodes available on iTunes.

Step 3:   Write a quick review.

After you subscribe, you will get a notification when new podcast episodes are available.

And of course, if you like them, tell everyone you know!

Thanks for all your support,


P.S. You do not have to only listen to the episodes on iTunes, this is truly only to help others find me on iTunes and a great way to support my podcast. If you’d prefer to listen to them directly or via another source click here!

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