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Know someone who could benefit from some clear thinking?

Did you know...The electromagnetic field of your heart is 5000 times stronger than that of your brain?12033838_l And is measurable up to 3 feet away from your body? Your heart has 40,000 neurons that send messages to all parts of your body?

Essentially, your heart has the ability to learn, remember, feel and sense...independent of your brain!


How exciting is that?


More good news!

You can stabilize and modulate your heart rhythm and get the benefit of the heart brain SIMPLY by calling up a feeling of love or happiness within which you literally feel your heart expanding? This is referred to as coherence.


When you are in coherence, you experience:

Feelings of being grounded and centered. Clear thinking and knowing what to do next. Elimination of unnecessary tasks or distractions. Focus on what is important. In other words, when you take 30 seconds, call up that heart expansive feeling and sink into it, you are better able to perceive, feel, focus, learn, reason and perform! Who doesn't want that?



Guess what? It's science!11496440_ml


This information comes from heart and brain-based scientific research. How cool is that? And how many leaders can you think of who could benefit from clear thinking, knowing what to do next, ability to remain calm and focused and let go of unnecessary tasks and distractions? Just sayin'


Want to hear more? It's easy! Tune in to 97.3 The Rock on the internet tomorrow (Friday, Dec. 19) when I'll be talking about your heart, leadership and more from 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Pacific time) with Heidi Harmon.



Speaking of heart alignment and coherence, click here to download a free 14-minute heart alignment meditation by my friend and colleague Mollie Shea. Mollie has an enviable background 1538864_10203462930591752_5122753668514763267_nand experience including working with Deepak Chopra and Byron Katie. New to this kind of thing? No worries. Mollie will gently and easily lead the way. And did I say, "IT'S FREE"? Mollie says we can share!  

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Sending you warm wishes for all the best in 2015!

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