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I’ve been reading and listening to teleconferences on “Ease” and the state of ease. Some may associate it with “things coming easily”. I don’t because I still believe it takes intention and effort. But, in my own words, I would describe a state of ease as a way of being when when you are able to:
*release fixation on outcomes,
*release self-defeating chatter,
*practice being in the present moment,
*express and really feel joy and gratitude,
*clarify and express your intentions,
*live as if they are already happening,
and most importantly, stop working to manifest things, but instead fall in love with what is meant to be.

And after to developing a practice of being in this state, things begin to come with ease.

I feel like I’m living in that state. A place where I am willingly moving with the flow of life, trusting and allowing space for the things I desire or need to come forward.

There is one thing I didn’t bank on however. And is that for me, a person formally addicted to drama, stress and frantic activity and deadlines (truly on a physiological level I think), being in a state of ease can sometimes trick my brain into thinking life is too slow! My body chemistry starts craving some drama or stress to feel a sense of excitement or higher energy. To feel that I’m working toward my goals.

Initially I was frightened by the low energy, peaceful state I was feeling and thought perhaps it was related to depression. I felt as I was becoming really present, maybe I was vanishing a bit. But as I stayed present and felt into it..I realized that it is actually a phase of transition into the state of ease.

As I reflect on Martha Beck’s work about the cycle of change using the butterfly as metaphor and how, as I hear it, the chrysalis state is when the caterpillar goes into a liquid state and all their cells break down completely, I can only imagine what emotions, concerns, questions that little bugger may be having as this process occurs. But when he/she settles into that liquid state, the new plan begins to develop, despite his trying or planning or wanting or hoping. And the end result, the butterfly, is an amazingly beautiful creature of flight.

A new state of ease.

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