Team Development

Empowering organizations, leaders, teams and individuals

Business Organization Coaching

Organizational Transformation

Improving communication, collaboration, empowerment and accountability through real-time coaching, experiential education and team development.

Coaching for Leaders and Emerging Leaders

Many of today’s leaders excel at budgets and tasks, however struggle with empowering staff, developing teams, delegating by strengths and holding staff accountable. Individual coaching mitigates these gaps and take leaders and emerging leaders to the next level.

I wanted you to know how much impact Ladder of Inference meeting had on me. It really hit home. Appreciate your expertise in putting things to words.


Team Building and Group

Business Organization Team BuildingMulti, full or half day programs incorporating experiential education, adventure activities and strength-based strategies will support your team to move to the next level of performance.  At your location, off site or incorporating horses as co-facilitators.


Holding Positive Space in Challenging Dialogue

In-service and professional development sessions  appropriate for internal and external communication. Content is customized to meet the specific needs of your team. Participants will learn techniques for engaging positively as well as maintaining their own emotional wellness and mitigating the personal stressful impact.

I’ve done a lot of these sessions and often the facilitator makes the session about themselves. You DID NOT do that. Thank you!


Meeting and Retreat Planning and

The devil is in the details. Our experienced team will help you coordinate, plan and execute meetings and retreats that will have a lasting impact.

I just wanted to take a minute to express my enormous gratitude to you.  I just finished with personnel performance evaluations and I’m feeling really on top of the world right now. Not only do you give me good direction and gentle nudging but you have trusted in my ability to give feedback (without the fear of being struck by lightening) and showing us all the positive effects of good, clear communication.  Now that our shoulders have dropped a bit in terms of tension in our department,  communication feels easier, intentional and genuine with each other.  The way in which we frequently reference advice and perspectives you’ve given to each of us is the truest indication of how tangibly helpful you’ve been to us. We still have lots of work to do and I’m looking forward to all of it.

Remediation for Struggling or Underperforming Employees

Helping individuals move past perceived challenges or barriers, re-connect with their passion, reduce chaos and drama or set goals for a smooth transition.

Professional Development, In-service and Speaker Services

Team Building ExerciseFull day, half-day or presentation sessions. Areas of focus: The Art of Self-Leadership; Cross Generational Management & Teams; Overcoming Perceived Boundaries; Creating Customer-Centric Employees; Embracing Positive Risk Taking; Leading with Strengths; Collaboration.  For other topics or to discuss your needs, call or email.

Assessment and Investigation

Helping organizations establish facts and take action.

Strategic Planning & Facilitation

Supporting organizations and leadership teams to develop plans and strategies to achieve their goals.

Marketing Consultation and Strategy

Helping organizations and businesses of all sizes build upon their strengths to increase and sustain loyalty.

Social Media Services

Full range of services from developing a social media plan to day-to-day execution of plan.

Interim Leadership Services

Reducing chaos, maintaining balance and forward growth during times of leadership transition.

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Providing services across the United States.


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