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She took me through the process of breaking out the steps and looking at the numbers. Even though this is what I do for others, I needed to go through this process with someone who had a fresh persective. I've always said, "Every successful coach has their own coach. You cannot coach yourself!" I am so grateful to have found Beth. Since our session, I have been hired for a paid speaking engagement for this project, which has created a deadline for updating the website, workshop and even finishing my book on this topic. Beth is the real deal. She is down to earth and has terrific intuition and wisdom!

Katana Abbott, CFP®, CSA Life and Legacy Wealth Coach

I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Leadership series.  I was struggling with a multitude of management issues and sometimes trying my hardest to deal with things just made things more muddied.  What I have learned is that all managers and supervisors deal with similar issues.  My group comes from a variety of occupations, but we have been sharing very similar concerns.  But we also share a desire to excel and provide a positive and productive workplace for employees.  The Leadership series has really turned things in a new direction for me.  Beth has worked with me on how to recognize drama in the workplace and how not to feed into it.   Each of us in the group knows what we want to achieve but we struggle to always identify how best to go about it.  I actually think I get my best feedback by listening to other participants stories or issues in the Hot Seat sessions, and hearing how they did or didn’t deal with an issue.  We have learned to be authentic about our abilities and experience and how to work with employees to manage situations. I feel that is has taken each of us in the group time to be able to recognize our issues, but we now understand the support network we have available to us in the Leadership course and have really begun to utilize it.

Thanks again to you and Natalie for all that you have done for me.  This has really been a life-changing course and a lot of fun!

Tony, Manager

In the first 3 months, 71% of staff indicated a significant increase in trust within their department; 60% indicated team work had increased significantly; 100% indicated they now have more clarity about how decisions are made within their department.

* Results from a CA State University department survey.

I just wanted to take a minute to express my enormous gratitude to you. I just finished with personnel performance evaluations and I’m feeling really on top of the world right now.

You not only give me good direction and gentle nudging but have trusted in my ability to give feedback without the fear of being stuck by lightening and showing me all the positive effects of good, clear communication. Now that our shoulders have dropped a bit in terms of tension in our department our communication is easier, intentional and genuine with each other. The way in which we frequently reference advice and perspectives you’ve given to each of us is the truest indication of how tangibly helpful you’ve been in to us.

We still have lots of work to do and I’m looking forward to all of it.

Jenn HR Director, San Luis Obispo

Beth surrounds herself with some amazing people. When she speaks in front of a room, she brings all of her self and draws people in not only to the topic, but to look at themselves and their leadership methods in a new light.

Tara Projects Made Simple, LLC

I refer my clients to Beth often and without hesitation because she is “The Employee Whisperer”. I swear she performs miracles with dysfunctional teams and individuals who are not communicating well or emotionally stuck or just grumpy . . . Something getting in the way of your employees’ productivity? CALL BETH!

Betsey Nash

Beth Wonson Consulting conducted an amazing 2 day core staff training for 9 of our YMCA staff last year.  Our purpose was both to solidify our team, define our leadership styles and to work through some challenges we’d had the first part of 2014. Not only was her approach with all of us diverse and useful, it was FUN!  Beth kept us riveted, active, engaged and her methods were delightfully non-predictable. So many of us go through training after training that her style was a breath of fresh (and highly useful!) air.

In addition to her 2 day services, Beth spend quite a bit of preliminary time at our core staff meetings getting to know us and identify our dynamics to better prepare for our 2 day investment.  She also offered follow up services, both as a group and open to us individually. We were pleased to take advantage of all of the above.

As CEO of the Santa Maria Valley YMCA, I highly recommend Beth Wonson Consulting Services.

Shannon Seifert CEO of the Santa Maria Valley YMCA

You’re a great asset to any organization, I am truly glad that I had a chance to meet you and participate in the training.
Awesome stuff…

Grace Schoch-Manzano America’s Job Center of California

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