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Beth WonsonFunny, spontaneous, and relevant, Beth Wonson has experienced first hand the stressors that can turn passionate and purposeful professionals into isolated and lonely problematic employees. After decades as a mother, writer, executive coach, teacher and business consultant, Beth shares her philosophy, backed with a dose of brain-based research, with humor, compassion, common sense and empathy.


Beth knew since she was a little girl that she would grow up to be a writer, teacher and most of all a communicator and connector. She has been sharing her insights with companies, teams and individuals across the United States for nearly 20 years. Topics vary from successfully navigating challenging dialogue, to stepping out of behaviors and beliefs that no longer serve us, to avoiding the loneliness and isolation that comes from being the leader.


Beth has lived and worked in the real world and found sensible ways to function within that often chaotic framework. Her mantra is “At the end of the day, we all want the same thing – to be seen and heard”.


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A look at the dynamics of self-management

Why do humans treasure the “rocks” that drag us down? What beliefs, behaviors or outlooks keep us from moving forward? Beth Wonson shares personal examples with humor and kindness as she guides the audience to reflect on some key questions:

  • Are you locked into a past that no longer works today?
  • Are you stuck in a familiar comfort zone with a mind closed to change?
  • Do you feel victimized by toxic people and negative energies?
  • Who is responsible for your potential burnout, exhaustion and failures?
  • How can you embrace new goals and dreams by letting go of old clutter?
  • Why can’t you feel free to play, relax, daydream or be happy?

What sets Beth apart is her personality and narrative style. She doesn’t preach, and doesn’t approach her topics with negativity or self-importance. The information is offered as if she were a helpful, caring friend exchanging thoughts and experiences.

Wonson has lived and worked in the real world and found sensible ways to function within that often chaotic framework. That’s what makes Let Go Of the Rock exceptional. Highly recommended.

Recommended for leadership, management, emerging leaders, people in transition or seeking transformation.

Aligns with Beth’s book, Let Go of the Rock – A new look at the dynamics of self management.  Book signing opportunity available.

If learning about body language, words to use and not use and other do’s and don’ts of communication were enough, we’d all be comfortable in challenging dialogue. But based on how many times the proverbial elephant is in the room and no one addresses it, I’m willing to guess all those tips and tools aren’t doing it for us.

Beth leads your audience to the core of the matter – what they can control – themselves. With quick, fun and energizing activities, Beth guides audiences large and small to increase their self-awareness and insight into their own triggers and fears regarding tough dialogue. She then blends brain-based research and simple steps to offset defensive and protective actions with strategies to set the stage for healthy, productive, authentic dialogue that moves organizations forward!

A Tool for Effectiveness in Emerging and Existing Leaders

Leaders who are aware of their own strengths and challenges are able to project confidence while empowering staff, improving teamwork and creating a more positive and trusting work environment.

Beth leads the audience through:

-How hiding weakness feeds the appearance of lack of integrity.

-How leaders who are self-aware engage, motivate and empower their staff.

-Simple tools to increase balance and introspection.

-Effective ways to give and receive feedback without unnecessary drama.

Simple Tools for Unleashing Potential, Passion, Purpose and Peace

Is there a little voice inside you saying, “There’s got to be a better way?”

While you chase what you think you want, you just may be missing what already exists.  Manufactured goals, dreams and seeking could be at the root of exhaustion, resistance and anxiety.

Beth helps attendees bust through some of the myths that hold us back:

  • Winners work longer and harder, and get ahead faster.
  • Vulnerability is a weakness.
  • I need to set goals to get ahead.
  • I am not enough.
  • Being exhausted all the time is normal.

Together we will burst through old paradigms and faulty belief systems. Your group will be introduced to simple, easy tools to design a road map to awaken passion, revitalize purpose, experience peace and connect to their authentic and inspired path.

This presentation is the perfect boost for those who are the face and voice of business. Attendees will learn to empower themselves and their teams to provide excellent customer service, develop meaningful relationships, diffuse potential conflicts, and increase satisfaction – all while increasing their own balance, wellness and enthusiasm.

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